Vulnerable Populations Support

Due to the intense social and economic disruptions caused by COVID-19, many San Mateo County residents are finding they require help with food, rent, and other essential needs for the first time in their lives. For many other residents, the pandemic is magnifying the economic pressures they were already experiencing.
Thousands of families have already been approved for grants from a multi-million dollar financial assistance fund for tenants and homeowners through the SMC Strong program. Additional funds have been made available to help small landlords, who will forgive $1.20 of their tenants rent for every dollar the landlords receive through this program. Moving forward, San Mateo County and its partners will pursue additional assistance for landlords and tenants, offer help resolving rent disputes, and increase the supply of quality affordable housing in San Mateo County.
Millions of pounds of food are distributed monthly in San Mateo County. Seniors have been particularly impacted by COVID-19, as many have been unable to visit grocery stores and are refraining from mixing with family members who would otherwise provide food. To tackle this challenge, home meal delivery programs through San Mateo County are delivering thousands of meals every day. Moving forward, San Mateo County will continue to work closely with its partners to ensure there are accessible food options available for all those who need it. For more information on the data about our recovery, please visit our data dashboard.