New and Future Jobs

The COVID-19 recession has been a major challenge for San Mateo County businesses and workers, with at least 250 local businesses permanently closed since the start of the outbreak. A map of known business closures can be found on the right of this page. The economic consequences have been most severe for those who were already facing the worst financial challenges, as an estimated 20,000 lower income jobs have been lost in our county. To protect the local businesses and nonprofits that are so essential to our community, the SMC Strong Fund has already provided millions in grants to support hundreds of local small businesses and provided an additional grants to help hundreds of community-based organizations and nonprofits. As part of the recovery initiative, San Mateo County and its partners will pursue additional financial assistance for local businesses, provide clear guidance on how to safely resume operations, and pursue job training and economic development opportunities to help unemployed workers and boost the local economy. For more information on the data about our recovery, please visit our data dashboard.