Bridge the Digital Divide

Despite San Mateo County’s location in the heart of Silicon Valley, an estimated 26,300 households in our County lack access to a reliable internet connection. As can be seen in the map on the right, a lack of internet access is a challenge county-wide but is most severe in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods. While access to the internet is important for adults working remotely, seniors ordering essential deliveries, and a wide diversity of other county residents, a lack of internet access is an especially critical challenge for the over 4,000 children who have reported having trouble connecting to the internet for virtual instruction. To respond to this challenge, San Mateo County has made available 402 free public Wi-Fi locations and invested millions of dollars into a pilot program to expand Wi-Fi access for schoolchildren. As part of the recovery initiative, San Mateo County and its partners will continue to engage local businesses, philanthropic donors, and community groups as it seeks to expand internet connectivity and training resources for how to access this technology. For more information on the data about our recovery, please visit our data dashboard.