Quality, Safe, and Affordable Childcare

Child care resources are critical for working parents, whether they are essential workers or working remotely. Prior to COVID-19, the demand for child care exceeded the need. Now, child care providers of all types are finding it difficult to understand and implement health orders while remaining a viable business. Many child care providers can no longer operate, which has widened the preexisting gap even further and created a critical shortage in available and affordable care. Providing resources to support child care providers supports families and furthers the community’s economic recovery. As part of the recovery from COVID-19, San Mateo County has already allocated millions of dollars in grants to childcare providers to help them stay in businesses. Moving forward, San Mateo County and its partners will spread information about available child care, offer technical assistance to child care providers, and pursue additional opportunities to provide financial assistance to families and child care providers in San Mateo County. For more information on the data about our recovery, please visit our data dashboard.